Month: November 2015

Surgical Anatomy Relevant to the Transpalpebral Subperiosteal Elevation of the Midface

28, November, 2015

Abstract Background: The surgical anatomy of the midface relevant to its subperiosteal elevation and repositioning is assessed. Objectives: The aim of this study is to give more details on the anatomy relevant to the midface lift. Methods: Twenty hemifacial dissections were performed. The location of the zygomatic branches of the facial nerve (ZBFN) and the […]


The Safe Midface Augmentation with Anatomic Landmarks for the Infraorbital Foramen

21, November, 2015

Abstract Introduction: Midface augmentation is routinely used for aesthetic improvement of concave faces while providing a balanced and harmonious contour to the face. It can also be used as an adjunct to orthognathic and reconstructive surgery. An injury to the infraorbital nerve as it exits the infraorbital foramen (IOF) can result in significant morbidity to patients. […]


Augmentation of the Facial Skeleton

13, November, 2015

Why is most augmentation of the facial skeleton done with alloplastic implants instead of autogenous bone? Unlike alloplastic materials, autogenous bone has the potential to be revascularized and then assimilated into the facial skeleton. In time, it could be biologically indistinguishable from the adjacent native skeleton. These attributes make it ideal and the only material […]


Commentary on: The Role of Microfat Grafting in Facial Contouring

06, November, 2015

The authors present their use of microfat grafting as an alternative to the advancement of skeletal osteotomies performed for purely aesthetic concerns.1 They appropriately emphasize the not-insignificant complications and morbidity associated with orthognathic procedures to justify their less morbid treatment preference. Although not mentioned by these authors, fat grafting would also avoid the dysaesthetic contour […]