Month: December 2015

Principles of Scalp Surgery and Surgical Management of Major Defects of Scalp

26, December, 2015

Major defects of the scalp are most often the result of trauma, radiation necrosis, or extirpation for tumor. This chapter presents plastic surgical concepts and techniques used to reconstruct major defects of the scalp. Throughout history, advances in plastic surgery have been reflected in the management of scalp wounds. Hippocrates, Gallen, and Celsus described the […]


Facts on Facial Implants

18, December, 2015

Virtually all aesthetic facial skeletal augmentation is done with alloplastic materials. The use of synthetic material avoids donor area morbidity while vastly simplifying the procedure in terms of time and complexity.  Implant materials used for facial skeletal augmentation are biocompatible – that is, they have an acceptable reaction between the material and the host. In […]


Anatomical Landmarks to Avoid Injury to the Great Auricular Nerve During Rhytidectomy

11, December, 2015

Abstract Background: An estimated 116 086 facelifts were performed in 2011. Regardless of the technique employed, facial flap elevation carries with it anatomical pitfalls of which any surgeon performing these procedures should be aware. Injury to the great auricular nerve (GAN) is the most common of these injuries, occurring at a rate of 6% to […]


Correction of Post-traumatic Enophthalmos

04, December, 2015

Enophthalmos is the recession of the ocular globe within the bony orbit. Two to three millimeters of enophthalmos is clinically detectable, and more than 5 mm is disfiguring. The principal mechanism in its development is the displacement of a relatively con­stant volume of orbital soft tissue into an enlarged bony orbit. Fat atrophy and scar […]