Month: April 2016

Temporal Augmentation With Methyl Methacrylate

12, April, 2016

Concavity in the temporal area is often referred to as temporal hollowing. It reflects a deficiency in the bulk of the temporalis muscle or overlying temporal fat pad. When the temporal area has not been surgically violated, concavity gradually appears with senescence.1 It may appear in patients with low body fat (and hence less temporal […]


The Safe Zone for Placement of Chin Implants

08, April, 2016

Alloplastic chin augmentation is the most commonly performed facial skeletal augmentation procedure in the United States.1 Despite its acceptance and popularity, chin augmentation carries a significant number of complications, including underaugmentation or overaugmentation, malpositioning, infection, extrusion, bone resorption, nerve injury, and chin ptosis.2,3 Certain complications are simply unavoidable, while others can be attributed to poor patient selection or a technical […]