Month: August 2016

Changes in Eyebrow Position and Shape with Aging

26, August, 2016

Background: Lack of an objective goal for brow-lift surgery may explain why several articles in the plastic surgery literature conclude that brow lifts produce eyebrows with shape and position that are not aesthetically pleasing. By comparing eyebrow shape and position in both young and mature women, this study provides objective data with which to plan […]


Alloplastic Augmentation of the Facial Skeleton: An Occasional Adjunct or Alternative to Orthognathic Surgery

19, August, 2016

Background: Alloplastic implants can be adjunctive to orthognathic surgery by correcting contour irregularities or disharmonies after skeletal movements. Implant augmentation can also simulate the visual effect of osteotomies in patients with skeletal deficiencies whose occlusion is normal or has been corrected. Although sometimes it is an adjunct or an alternative to facial skeletal rearrangements, facial […]


Aging of the Facial Skeleton: Aesthetic Implications and Rejuvenation Strategies

12, August, 2016

Background: Facial aging is a dynamic process involving the aging of soft-tissue and bony structures. In this study, the authors demonstrate how the facial skeleton changes with age in both male and female subjects and what impact these structural changes may have on overall facial aesthetics. Methods: Facial bone computed tomographic scans were obtained from […]


Facial Implant Information

05, August, 2016

Currently available facial implants are considered biomaterials. The National Institute of Health defines biomaterial as “any substance or combination of substances, other than drugs, synthetic or natural in origin, which can be used for any period of time, which augments or replaces partially or totally any tissue, organ or function of the body, in order […]