Month: July 2017

Tissue Engineering Cartilage with Aged Articular Chondrocytes In Vivo

21, July, 2017

Background: Tissue engineering has the potential to repair cartilage structures in middle-aged and elderly patients using their own “aged” cartilage tissue as a source of reparative chondrocytes. However, most studies on tissue-engineered cartilage have used chondrocytes from postfetal or very young donors. The authors hypothesized that articular chondrocytes isolated from old animals could produce neocartilage […]


Clinical Application of Cultured Autologous Human Auricular Chondrocytes with Autologous Serum for Craniofacial or Nasal Augmentation and Repair

18, July, 2017

The authors have corrected various craniofacial contour deformities using tissue culture- expanded autogenous tissue. Their method involves obtaining small cartilage biopsy specimens, expanding the number of cells from the biopsy specimens in tissue culture, and injecting the expanded cells into the defect. The authors’ initial clinical results using this procedure are impressive. In addition to […]


Infracture Technique for Reduction Malarplasty with a Short Preauricular Incision

11, July, 2017

Certain horizontal facial measurements in Asians are significantly greater than those of Westerners. These measurements include the bizygomatic distance, the intercanthal distance, the interalar distance, and the bigonial distance1 (Fig. 1). Aesthetic operations designed to improve balance or proportion in Asian faces typically, directly or indirectly, reduce these horizontal measurements. Dorsal nasal augmentation makes the […]