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Patient CW’s life took a turn when she was struck by a motor vehicle while taking a walk in August of 2014. She suffered multiple traumatic injuries that she survived from. After a long period of recovery in the Intensive Care Unit she required reconstructive surgery to correct her missing skull. She underwent a Cranioplasty with Titanium Mesh and Bone Cement.

Prior to her reconstructive surgery patient CW reported the following

  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Easy Fatigue
  • Depressed Affect
  • Poor Balance
  • Memory Defects with problem solving
  • Dependence with grooming, walking and toilet

These constellation of symptoms fall into what is described as the Syndrome of the Trephined or Sunken Skull Syndrome, related to missing skull or bone as seen in an image of her CT scan.


We are pleased to announce that shortly after her surgery she has experience a dramatic improvement in her symptoms and quality of life as seen in the video below.

Her husband recently sent an email:

Dear Dr. Yaremchuk,

A year ago Dr. Yan and you performed a cranioplasty on my wife. I wanted to reach out to you to thank you so much for your oversight and caring. A year has passed and things could not be better for us both.

I am humbled and thankful beyond words for having her back with me and giving us both a second life together. Things were so grim for the longest time at MGH (Massachusetts General Hospital) ICU and things are so great now.

I am not sure what I would have done without her and I attribute a great deal of the turnaround a year ago amidst all the snow and distractions, to your leadership and capable hands.

She is back driving the car, doing aerobics and Zumba at the senior center 4 days a week, and we are back together loving each other and enjoying our 2 grandchildren, and of course our own two kids.




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