Computer Models Helping Plastic Surgeons Minimize Errors

At the recent International Meeting in plastic surgery held in Moscow, Russia on Dec 5th 2016, the focus was on use of computer models to minimize errors in surgery. Dr Natalia Pirgogov Manturova from the Dept. of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery led the discussion on use of imaging prior to plastic surgery procedures.

The round table discussion included topics like correction of facial deformities, rhinoplasty and breast reconstruction. The use of imaging techniques like 3-D imaging using CT scans before surgery revealed a significant step forward by both Russian and other Western plastic surgeons. Also discussed was the potential for future facial transplants and how to improve the outcomes. With the ability to grow skin and other structures in the laboratory, the potential for reconstruction of facial defects has now grown leaps and bounds. More important the meeting highlighted the international cooperation between Russian surgeons and other prominent craniofacial surgeons like Dr. Yaremchuk from Boston.

This was the first time that foreign speakers were invited to this national meeting to discuss their thoughts on trends in plastic surgery. It appears that computer simulations to carry out hi tech interventions will soon become a standard practice in plastic surgery. Not only will this help surgeons make the outcomes better but there will hopefully also be fewer errors.



12, December, 2016admin