Getting Ready for Swimsuit Season

Even if warm weather feels a long way off, preparation for the spring and summer months can start now. Body contouring procedures can be an excellent way to get ready for swimsuit season. Liposuction, abdominoplasty, and breast augmentation can help tighten problem areas on the legs, buttocks, stomach, and chest for both women and men. Most of these procedures can be done on an out-patient basis or may only require an overnight surgical center stay.

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image003How far in advance should you schedule your surgery? I recommend undergoing surgery two months before the suit goes on. That allows plenty of time for incisions to heal and all bruising and swelling to disappear from exposed areas. Scars, which should be unobtrusively located, are often red early after surgery, but will lessen after several weeks. It’s important to keep recent incisions out of the sun, because direct sunlight will darken them. Using sunscreen is especially important early after surgery when showing off your beach-ready body, but, of course, you should wear it any time you are out in the sun to reduce its aging effects. If you schedule your procedure by March, you should be ready for sun and surf by Memorial Day weekend.


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