The Consultation – the First Step in Your Surgery Journey

Every procedure, large or small, starts with a consultation. That exam and consultation provide an opportunity to understand the patient’s aesthetic goals, medical history, and unique skeletal and soft tissue structure. Typically, patients who desire facial skeletal surgery will require a CT scan to provide a clear picture of what lies below the surface of the skin. The additional data provided by a CT scan allows custom design of the patient’s surgery and implants if they are indicated.

Traditionally, consultations are performed in the office, requiring the patient to come to their doctor. That’s still necessary for surgical procedures, but digital tools can have the doctor virtually come to you for the initial consultation. image001With patients coming to my office from across the US and around the globe, I recognized several years ago that harnessing the power of video conferencing could make the process more accessible for individuals who wanted to minimize their travel. While I still see the majority of my patients for an initial consultation in person, leveraging Skype or Facetime has significantly enhanced my ability to evaluate patients on a timeframe that meets their needs. If time, distance, or travel restrictions are keeping you from exploring cosmetic or reconstructive procedures, a video conference consultation can remove those barriers to pursuing the aesthetic you hope to achieve.

Here’s what to expect during a virtual consultation:

  • Time to share your goals and ask questions. Whether in person or online, an initial consultation is the appropriate time to share your aesthetic goals and any questions you have about achieving your desired outcome or specific procedures.
  • Review of your medical history. During a consultation, I’ll ask about past surgeries, injuries, other medical conditions and any other relevant information that would inform my surgical approach.
  • Plan next steps. Finally, I’ll discuss appropriate next steps. This may include obtaining a CT scan to fulfill the patient’s aesthetic goals if they are an appropriate candidate for surgery. The consultation allows the patient to feel confident weighing their options and planning their surgery.

Ultimately, the goal of a consultation – for both the doctor and the patient – should be to gather information and plan the best course of action. Having that conversation online may be the best way to move forward with your procedure when coming into the office isn’t an easy option.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Yaremchuk, please email Dr. Yaremchuk’s standard fee for a consultation – online or in person – is $200.

25, March, 2020admin