What’s the Right Age for Cosmetic Surgery?

image001I’m often asked if one can be too young or too old for cosmetic surgery. At any age, a doctor would assess a patient’s readiness to undergo a surgical procedure, including overall mental and physical well-being. Advanced age can increase the chances that surgery would not be medically sound, but the decision is unique to the individual and their personal condition, not based on age alone. At the other end of the age spectrum, I complete reconstructive surgery on children of all ages, but I consider it best to wait for cosmetic procedures until late in their teens to avoid possible impact on their growth.
For those considering cosmetic surgery who fall somewhere between those two extremes of the age continuum, it’s informative to consider the type of procedure that will achieve your aesthetic goals. Cosmetic surgical procedures fall into two basic categories:

1.  Those that restore youth. Over time, soft tissue sags, stretches, and loses volume, causing appearance to change with age. When areas of the face and body start to look different than they did in years before, it may be time to consider procedures that restore a more youthful position or quality and, therefore, look. Most often, these procedures are done in a patient’s 40s and beyond, but some individuals may be ready for them earlier. Such procedures include facelifts, eyelifts, breast lifts, chemical peels for wrinkles, and fillers for deflated lips and cheeks.

2.  Those that alter fundamental shape and structure. Procedures that augment the skeletal structure – often using implants – will create a new, more desirable, profile rather than restore what has changed with age. These procedures can start in the late teens, once growth has plateaued, and may occur much later in age. Nose shaping (rhinoplasty), chin augmentation (implants), breast contouring (implants, reduction, lifting) all fall into this category and can be considered throughout adulthood.


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