When to Choose Minimally Invasive Procedures – and When Not To

Minimally invasive procedures promise minimal recovery, minimal pain, minimal expense but too often minimal results.

Biologic and pharmaceutical research, computer technology, and surgical refinement make available many ways to improve facial appearance.  Among these varied options, a number of procedures that are less or minimally invasive have become popular because they offer a faster recovery and lower cost.

For example, botulinum toxin – known as BOTOX – involves a simple injection to treat forehead and crow’s feet wrinkles. The procedure is quick, relatively painless and effective. It can be done during one’ lunch hour.   In my opinion, it is superior to any surgical procedure to treat these signs of aging and is the most effective minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. It is hugely popular and rightly so.

To mimic the success of BOTOX, a slew of minimally invasive procedures have been developed. These include LASER and thermal devices to tighten loose skin, chemicals to dissolve fat deposits, and injections to lift the skin. Some surgeons have devised lesser surgical procedures- thread lifts and minilifts that allow rapid recovery.

In properly selected patients, usually those in a younger age group with lesser concerns, these less invasive techniques can be effective with the caveat that the results may be short lived and require repeated treatments. Too often minimally invasive modalities are inadequate for the problem presented. The cost of repeat treatment, cumulative downtime and minimal outcome defeats the purported benefit of minimally invasive procedures. Too often patients come to me requesting a definitive surgical procedure after multiple minimally invasive procedures.

Minimally invasive procedures are beneficial for properly selected patients. A physician who is knowledgeable and capable in both lesser and more comprehensive procedures is most likely to offer treatment best suited for the problem.

Time is our most valuable commodity and should be well spent. Unfortunately, despite the promise of minimal time investment, minimally invasive too often equates with minimal result.

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