Revisional Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Yaremchuk specializes in fixing bad surgeries, be it a nose job, facial implants, eyelid surgeries and more. Basically, any standard surgery on this site can be performed in a revisional manner (fixing your bad nose surgery, for example). other examples include:

  • crooked chin
  • round eyes
  • sclera show
  • pixie ears
  • retracted tragus
  • joker smile
  • surprised look

Dr. Yaremchuk has a special interest in treating referred patients who are displeased with the results of their prior cosmetic surgery procedures. Many problems can be corrected by Dr. Yaremchuk, including:

Revisional Surgery Example
Malar (cheek) implant surgery Improperly contoured or positioned cheek implants
Facelift The 'windswept' look or uneven neck contour after facelift surgery
Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) The 'round eye', scleral show or ectropion after lower eyelid surgery
Rhinoplasty (nose surgery, nose job) The 'scooped out' or 'pinched' look after nasal surgery
Chin surgery Displeasing chin contours, chin pad and lip ptosis (sag) after chin implant or sliding genioplasty
Chin ptosis "Witch" or drooping chin
Lateral Canthopexy Restoration/rejuvenation of eye shape
Post-orthognathic surgery Irregular and unnatural contours after orthognathic surgery
Cranio-orbital deformities Fixing malformed, traumatized or oddly shaped eyeballs
Endoscopic or conventional browlifts Unnaturally high brows and hairlines


Dr. Yaremchuk has lectured on these topics to his plastic surgical colleagues both nationally and internationally. In 2010 and 2011 this included lectures at the Chilean Society of Surgeons Annual Meeting, Moscow's 'Contemporary Approaches to Rejuvenation of the Face and Body' and the annual Atlanta Oculoplastic Meeting. In 2013, he presented his concepts and techniques to plastic surgeons in Australia, Brazil, Russia and Turkey. Recent publications related to revisional surgery listed in the bibliography include:

  • Periorbital skeletal augmentation to improve blepharoplasty and midfacial results
  • Secondary malar implant Surgery
  • Reversing brow lifts
  • Improving aesthetic outcomes after alloplastic chin augmentation

Dr. Yaremchuk's care of patients referred to him with facial deformities created by unfortunate cosmetic surgery has been reported in Self, British Glamour, and Allure magazines. Also, his treatment of such a patient was featured on the E! Network.

Click here for a before and after transition video of a blepharoplasty patient.

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