The Boston Center

boston_centerDr. Yaremchuk performs cosmetic surgery at The Boston Center.

The Boston Center is located in the historic Vendome building at 170 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston's Back Bay. It is designed to provide elegant, discreet, preoperative evaluation, surgery, and postoperative care. The historic building was recognized by the Garden Club of the Back Bay with a 2010 Magnolia Award for promoting and advancing civic beauty.

The Boston Center provides a group of highly skilled and trained medical professionals working in a facility designed to provide you with the optimum environment for cosmetic surgery.

Our registered nurses are trained and experienced in the needs of cosmetic surgery patients. Our anesthetists are board certified MD.s with special expertise in outpatient anesthesia techniques. Our aesthetician has focused training and experience in the skin care needs of the cosmetic surgery patient.

A key component of the Boston Center is our attached ambulatory surgical facility, which has been in operation since 1981.

The Boston Center is staffed and equipped to provide you with the safety of a hospital and the privacy and personalized care of a fine hotel. Depending on the type of procedure involved, patients can return home the same day as their surgery or they may stay overnight.

The Boston Center's combination of plastic surgeons, professional staff, and facilities is designed to provide you with state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery and the highest quality personalized care.

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Massachusetts General Hospital

Dr. Yaremchuk performs craniofacial and reconstructive surgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital.