Lateral Canthopexy

The patients shown here underwent lateral canthopexy (reposition of the lateral corner of their eyes) to restore the shape of their eyes.

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* This patient with an exaggerated downward tilt of her eye shape desired a more almond shaped eye with an upward tilt. Such a significant change is difficult to accomplish with standard lateral canthopexy techniques. For that reason, a more sturdy, reliable technique - the bridge of bone canthopexy - was chosen for her surgery.


* A woman with Treacher-Collins syndrome underwent augmentation of her orbit with custom-carved porous polyethylene implants and lateral canthopexy.


* A woman who had not had previous orbital surgery desired upward movement of her lateral canthus.


* A woman had undergone lower lid blepharoplasty resulting in exaggeration of the downward tilt of her lateral canthi. To correct this she underwent subperiosteal midface lift, infraorbital rim augmentation, and lateral canthopexy.



* This patient had undergone multiple procedures to correct lower lid malposition after previous bleparoplasty. These previous operations included multiple canthopexies and skin grafts. The patient was also displeased with the appearance of her brow and upper lids after upper lid blepharoplasty and endoscopic brow lift. The previous attempts at lower lid repositioning was, in large part, due to the inadequate skeletal support provided by her retrusive midface skeleton. Dr.Yaremchuk provided skeletal support with an infraorbital rim implant, then elevated the midface with a subperiosteal midface lift and repositioned the lateral canthus with a lateral canthopexy. He further improved the periorbital appearance by repositioning the over elevated brows.


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