Neurotoxins, fillers & fat implants

Dr. Yaremchuk has extensive experience in the use of neurotoxins, fillers and fat injections, which all have roles in facial rejuvenation and facial contour enhancement. Whether as alternatives or complements to surgical options, these non-surgical interventions can help to refresh and rejuvenate your look. Dr. Yaremchuk's blunt needle tip technique for fillers means reduced recovery time - the "after" image below was taken only 30 minutes after the procedure, with no bruising or swelling in sight!

The popularity of BOTOX and fillers and the appearance of "professionals" in med spas and even dentist's offices may lead you to believe that you can get the same treatments anywhere - this is not the case! As a certified cosmetic surgeon with years of experience, Dr. Yaremchuk's expert application and technique will help you have the smoothest possible experience.

Neurotoxins eliminate or reduce dynamic wrinkles: think crow's feet, forehead wrinkles and glabellar frown lines (the 11s between the eyes). These are areas poorly treated by surgery.

Options: BOTOX

Fillers, depending on their composition, are useful for treating fine lines and areas of soft tissue deflation. Voluma is especially effective for large area volume augmentation, such as the cheek area. Belotero's unique formulation and ability to adapt within the skin make it especially useful for filling wrinkles and lip lines.

Options; JUVÉDERM, Restylane, Perlane, Radiesse, Belotero

Fat injections may complement facelift surgery in certain patients. There are some patients who have both skeletal and soft tissue deficiencies. These patients can benefit from both implant augmentation of their facial skeleton as well as volume enhancement of their soft tissue envelope with the selective use of fat injections.

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* The post op photo was taken 30 minutes after the injection. Note the lack of swelling or bruising due to the blunt needle technique.

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