Rejuvenation with Infraorbital Rim Implants

Recent data by Kahn and by Pessa support the concept that the aging process not only causes soft tissue atrophy leading to volume depletion in the periorbital and midface area, but also a loss of projection of the midface skeleton. This diminution in projection would hasten the gravitational induced descent of their overlying and now, less supported soft tissue envelope in both convex and particularly, concave faces. Infraorbital rim implants match the areas of skeletal change found in these studies. Augmentation of the infraorbital rim and resuspension of the cheek soft tissues can have a rejuvenating effect in properly selected patients.




These three dimensional reconstruction of typical youthful and aged orbits were prprovided by Dr. David Kahn. Note how the infraorbital rim implant placed on the aged skeleton (far right) transforms the contour of the aged orbit (middle image) to resemble the contour of the youthful orbit (far left).