Blepharoplasty: Post-operative instructions

  1. Cold compresses may be used for comfort for as long as you wish. They do not help with swelling after 48 hours following surgery.
  2. Put the Lacrilube or Ilotycin ointment in your eyes at bedtime. Put the prescribed ointment on your suture lines three or four times a day. Be certain it is washed off before each application. Do not wash off steri-strips or small tapes.
  3. You may take Tylenol or your pain medication, as ordered, every four hours if needed. Avoid any activity immediately after taking the medication as you may experience some drowsiness. Avoid alcohol if taking narcotic pain medications.
  4. Sleep with your head elevated.
  5. You may eat whatever you wish.
  6. You may wash your face and hair as usual starting the day after surgery.
  7. Get lots of rest with minimal physical activity for two weeks after surgery. You may then gradually increase your activity back to normal.
  8. You may be swollen and bruised for two weeks. Everyone is different.
  9. Avoid contact lenses for two weeks. Check with Dr. Yaremchuk after that before wearing them.
  10. Temporary (for three to six weeks) small lumps or pulling down of the lower eyelids are quite common and generally of no concern.
  11. Make-up may be used 48 hours after the sutures are removed.
  12. A feeling of dryness or scratchiness of the eyes may be present after surgery. This is common and can be helped with the use of Lacrilube which can be purchased over the counter at a drug store. Put the ointment into your eyes to help bathe them. This will temporarily make your vision very blurry.
  13. Call Dr. Yaremchuk's office if you experience sudden pain or blurred vision.
  14. Avoid sun directly on the operated area for six months. You may, however, be out in the sun using a 30 SPF sun block and a hat.
  15. If there are any problems, contact The Boston Center staff at 617-267-0710.
  16. Call Dr. Yaremchuk's office to make your follow-up appointment.