Infraorbital Rim Implants: Post-operative instructions

  1. Apply ice compresses to the area for up to 72 hours after surgery. They may be used for comfort for as long as you wish.
  2. An eye ointment or drops will be prescribed for you. They should be used as directed. An ointment will be prescribed which is to be used at bedtime to prevent drying of the surface of your eyes. Eye lubricants may temporarily blur your vision.
  3. Do not remove steri-strips or small tapes which may be used to provide early support for your lids.
  4. Get plenty of rest and don’t do anything requiring other than minimal exertion for two weeks following surgery. Avoid jogging, calisthenics, aerobics, weightlifting, sit-ups or other similar vigorous activities. Avoid bending over and avoid lifting. Do not drive for one week.
  5. You may take Extra-Strength Tylenol or you prescribed pain medication every four hours, if needed. Avoid any activity immediately after taking the medication as you may experience some drowsiness. Avoid using tranquilizers or sleeping pills while taking narcotics as this combination may be too strong for you. Avoid alcohol or taking narcotic pain medications. Colace (an over the counter stool softener medication) is effective to treat constipation which often occurs with the use of narcotic pain medications.
  6. Do not shower or take a hot bath until the initial bandages have been removed- at which time we will wash your hair. You should wash your face and hair the day after your bandages have been removed. Any mild type of shampoo or soap will do, and use cream rinse to help soften hair. Shower at least once a day until the sutures are removed.
  7. Take fluids for the first day after surgery, then soft foods for the next day or so. You may begin to gradually increase your diet to regular foods as the discomfort of chewing diminishes. Be careful not to disrupt the suture line in your mouth with hard pieces of food.
  8. Rinse your mouth with an ½ peroxide and ½ water solution or standard mouthwash three or four times a day and after each meal to keep area clean. Continue to do this for one week following surgery.
  9. Because of the incision and sutures, it may be too uncomfortable to use a toothbrush for the first few days postop. You may purchase large glycerin swabs at your drug store which will make it less uncomfortable to clean your teeth.
  10. If you are discharged with drains, record the amount of drainage every eight hours.
  11. You will be quite swollen and have some bruising. This is temporary and will subside over several days to weeks.
  12. There will be areas of numbness and tightness. You may find you feel stiff and have some difficulty moving your lips as you normally would. This may take several weeks to resolve.
  13. Often, a stitch is places in the corner of the eyelids (temporary tarsorrhaphy) to help control the swelling (chemosis) of the tissues around the eye. This stich will be removed in 3 to 7 days, depending on the amount of swelling.
  14. Sleep with your head elevated.
  15. Avoid contact lenses for two weeks. Check with you doctor before wearing them.
  16. Make-up may be used 48 hours after the sutures are removed.
  17. Please notify your surgeon if your temperature goes above 101°.
  18. If there are any problems, contact the staff @ 617-267-0710
  19. Call your surgeon’s office to may your follow-up appointment.