Mandible Implants: Post-operative instructions

  1. Apply ice compress to the area for 48 hours after surgery.
  2. Get plenty of rest. Do not do anything which requires other than minimal exertion for two weeks following surgery.
  3. You may shower and wash your face and hair the day after surgery.
  4. You may take Extra-Strength Tylenol or your prescribed pain medication every four hours, if needed. Avoid any activity immediately after taking the medication as you may experience some drowsiness. Avoid using tranquilizers or sleeping pills while taking narcotics as this combination may be too strong for you. Avoid alcohol of taking narcotic pain medications. Colace (an over the counter stool softener medication) is effective to treat constipation which often occurs with the use of narcotic pain medications.
  5. You may take fluids for the first day after surgery, then soft foods for the next day or so. You may begin to gradually increase your diet to regular food as the discomfort of chewing diminishes. Be careful not to disrupt the suture line with hard pieces of food. Protein shakes are a good source of nutrition during the early post-operative period.
  6. Rinse your mouth with an ½ peroxide and ½ water solution or standard mouthwash three or four times a day and after each meal to keep area clean. Continue to do this for one week following surgery.
  7. If you are discharged with drains, record the amount of drainage every eight hours.
  8. The intraoral incisions and sutures may make the use of a toothbrush uncomfortable for the first few days after surgery. You may purchase large glycerin swabs at you drug store which will make it less uncomfortable to clean your teeth.
  9. You will be swollen and have some bruising after surgery. This is temporary and will subside over several weeks.
  10. There will be areas of numbness and tightness. You may find you feel stiff and have some difficulty moving your lips as you normally would. These may take several months to resolve.
  11. You may begin to gradually return to preop activities such as jogging, bicycling, and aerobics two and one half weeks after surgery. Remember, if it hurts, you are over doing it!
  12. Please notify your surgeon if your temperature goes above 101°.
  13. If there are any problems, contact the staff @ 617-267-0710
  14. Call your surgeon’s office to may your follow-up appointment.