Rhinoplasty: Post-operative instructions

  1. Apply iced saline or iced water compress to both eyes. The ice will aid in comfort and help minimize swelling and bruising. Continue this for 48 hours after surgery. Keep the tape and nasal splint dry.
  2. You may take Tylenol or your pain medication, as ordered, every four hours if needed. Avoid any activity immediately after taking the medication as you may experience some drowsiness. Avoid alcohol if taking narcotic pain medications.
  3. Do not blow your nose. Do not try to breathe through your nose. Breathe through your mouth.
  4. Do not bend over, stoop, or lift heavy objects.
  5. You may taste blood after you have gone home. Sipping on a cold drink will probably help to minimize the taste.
  6. Do not drink any extremely hot fluids. Drink lukewarm fluids.
  7. If nasal packing accidentally becomes dislodged, contact your physician.
  8. Nose bleeds after surgery are common, rarely serious, and usually amenable to conservative treatment. Bleeding is common during the first 48 hours. Keep your head elevated.
  9. Sleep with head elevate on two to three pillows or in an elevated reclining chair.
  10. Use Vaseline petroleum jelly or dilute hydrogen peroxide on a Q-tip to loosen crusting around the nostrils. Do not insert the Q-tip or anything else up inside the nostril.
  11. You may wash your face and hair, but do not get the bandages wet.
  12. Get plenty of rest, and don’t do anything that requires other than minimal physical exertion for two weeks following surgery. You may then gradually increase your activity over the next six weeks.
  13. You will be black and blue around the eyes and swollen for about a week. You may not be able to breathe through your nose for 7 to 10 days.
  14. Be patient with the resolution of nasal swelling. The nose shape will go through its biggest change in the next three to six weeks, but may take some months before the “final shape” exists.
  15. Make-up may be used after the splint is removed. Because the skin has been covered for so long, it may peel, leaving pink skin underneath. You may also go through a short period of acne breakouts. Just wash the area gently as you normally would. It will clear in a few days.
  16. If there are any problems, contact Dr. Yaremchuk.
  17. Call Dr. Yaremchuk's office to make your follow-up appointment.