Surgical Profile: Grave's Disease

This patient suffered from Graves' Disease. As a result, her thyroid gland became overactive, producing antibodies which caused her eye muscles to swell. She was unable to close her eyes, lived in constant pain. 

Dr. Yaremchuk performed a multi-faceted surgery to reduce her eye symptoms and restore her appearance using techniques borrowed from reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

These photographs show the patient before surgery.

graves pre-op

The following picture shows surgical incisions made by Dr. Yaremchuk: within the scalp (coronal), on the inside of the eyelid (transconjunctival), and within the mouth (intraoral).

Sugical Incisions

Below, you see where the patient's medial and lateral eye socket walls were removed to make room for the swollen eye tissues, allowing her eyes to fall back into place.

Eye socket walls

 The following shows a cross section of the orbit before and after removal of the orbital walls:

orbit cross section – before orbit cross section – after

Dr. Yaremchuk also increased the projection of the bone beneath the eye (the infraorbital rim) with an implant. Finally, the cheeks were elevated (midface or cheek lift).

implant positions

 Compare the pre- and post-operative (before and after) img of the patient here: