Fighting Frown Lines and Other Signs of Aging

image001Starting to notice frown lines and crows feet around your eyes and feeling older because of them? Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process as the skin thins and loses elasticity over time, but environmental factors can speed that process. Exposure to the sun, cigarette smoke, poor diet, the stress of a global pandemic – all will contribute to lines around the eyes. It’s not uncommon to start noticing them in your 30s. And as mask wearing in public has become de rigueur, we’re all focused on one another’s eyes now more than ever.

But the stress of the pandemic and other lifestyle factors don’t have to leave their mark permanently. Neurotoxins and fillers can help to erase these signs of aging. They offer a less invasive way for women of any age, but especially those in their 30s and 40s, to preserve a youthful look. I recommend Botox to combat the lines and wrinkles between and around the edges of the eyes caused by the motion of facial muscles. Fillers help rejuvenate your appearance by adding volume where it has been lost to time.

These procedures are done in an office visit, minimizing the disruption to a patient’s schedule. I pioneered the use of the blunt needle technique, which reduces the bleeding and swelling caused when sharp needles are used to deliver fillers. That means patients experience less pain, less bruising, and less down time. They can walk out of the treatment room looking and feeling younger.


The blunt needle technique was used to inject fillers to create fullness in the patient’s upper cheeks. Just 30 minutes after the procedure, no swelling or redness is visible. 

Want to learn more about neurotoxins and fillers? Watch this video or read on. To schedule a consultation or procedure, email or call (617) 726-5280.

27, January, 2021admin